It is a way for people to escape poverty and to empower themselves by using their skills and creativity.

 In  this way, artisans are able to raise their standards of living and to be able provide adequate nutrition,

housing & education for their families.  Fair trade also creates gender equality, giving women power and

choices over their body, their children and their future.  Additionally, when people from rural areas, are

given the opportunity to sell their products at a fair price, they can afford to keep their children with

them and raise them in the family, instead of sending them to the cities to fend for themselves and to

 send money back to the rural villages to provide for the family.  All of this raises the level of dignity,

happiness, peace and equality that each one of us deserve.



   Artisan Enterprise



When you purchase items from Nirvana Jewel, you can be assured that you are directly impacting the artisan

themselves.  We buy our products directly from the artisans who makes them, cutting out the middle men and

 ensuring fair prices for the artist and for you.  Nirvana Jewel provides a necessary market place for these artisans to

 sell their products & improve their lively hood.